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Chopsticks!! (2018)

"After Fang, the power-hungry son of a famous Triad syndicate leader, murders his own father, the only thing stopping him from total domination of the gang is his sister, Shu, a foul-mouthed drunk, who can no longer sit back and watch her brother disgrace their family legacy. Although vowing never to take a life, she is forced into the difficult choice of either murdering her very own brother or dying by his hand."

Written/Directed/Edited by Aeddan Sussex

Cinematography by Roan Lenihan

Fight Choreography by Alàn Rodrigeuz

Chopsticks!! is a Hong Kong style Martial Arts Comedy short film set with the Chinese Triad,  and very much in the style of Stephen Chow’s ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ with choreography inspired by the works of Jackie Chan and Gareth Evans ‘The Raid’. 

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